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A Juliet balcony features in many home improvement magazines and blogs as a stylish feature to your property.

A Juliet Balcony is a narrow railing or balcony which sits outside of French Doors or a window on the upper floor of a building.  It is designed to offer the appearance of a full balcony in a location where it may not be possible to install a full balcony.

Because the Juliet Balcony is made from toughened glass and secured to the property it is very safe.

Juliet Balconies are an architectural feature in the Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy but are becoming more popular for customers here.  It comes in a range of designs from Victorian style railings and infill panels to simple minimalist designs.

A Juliet Balcony can be cost saving to many properties because they can be installed without planning permission.  Therefore, there is no need for an architect.  It can be bolted to an existing wall which makes it quick and easy for installation.

  • Minimal Design

  • Wide Range of Styles and Specifications

  • No Planning Permission Needed

  • Safe and Secure

While a Juliet Balcony will not enhance the floor space of a property it can let in natural light which makes the space feel spacious and lighter.  When the doors are opened in the summer it lets in outside air.  The narrow ledge offers a space to improve the view and install small plants.

If you had the space and budget for a full balcony that would be recommended but we offer a wide range of Juliet Balconies in many designs and styles and would be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you have the right vision.

We fit Juliet Balconies in South East London and Kent as well as Bromley, Chislehurst, Beckenham, Bexley areas

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