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Made to measure Mirrors – Bromley Glass and Glazing offer a wide range of mirror solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms and any other area in your home in any shape or size. Our Mirrors open up and enhance any space by making the room appear larger. They add extra dimension and light to expand the perception of space.

Glass Shelving

We can also make bespoke glass shelving in any size

Glass Table Tops

We can make glass to cover any table top. Table top glass looks great and brings to life any table.

Bespoke Glass Door Designs

We can supply a wide range of bespoke glass decorations and colours for doors. To get an idea please view our online brochure

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Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors add depth and character, reflecting the beauty of its surroundings as well as enhancing them.

Just one glance and it’s easy to see how our antiqued mirrors brings depth, glamour and a unique look to any space.

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Mirror Installations:

Bespoke Bathroom Mirror2019-11-28T16:47:48+00:00
Glass Mirror Kitchen Splashback2019-11-28T16:46:55+00:00
Bespoke Glass Mirrors2017-03-02T15:56:11+00:00
Bespoke Glass Mirrors2017-03-02T15:55:44+00:00
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